A little bit about me

I'm a digital designer living in Sydney, Australia.

I've been doing this for 15 years now and have tried my hand at many forms of visual design. What I've learnt about myself is that:

  • I prefer things that are interactive and fun over those that are static.
  • I don't care as much for the minutiae of a design as I do for how it functions holistically.
  • I work well with others and people seem to enjoy working with me.

In my spare time, I like to code computer games.

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Professional Work

Quick Math Jr. Shiny Things

To fully experience Quick Math Jr, you need to watch a child play it for the first time. Navigating the interface without frustration. Their excitement when they see their first monster inside one of the minigames. Learning the mechanics of the games and then learning the math concepts.

The development of Quick Math Jr was very humbling. It showed me how little I knew about the way children interact with apps. It took a lot of iteration and user testing in schools. Making hypotheses, seeing them smashed, trying over and over until it worked. In the end we created something that I'm incredibly proud of.

I designed the Quick Math Jr icon to accommodate both a consumer version and a school edition. We ended up re-theming it a bunch of times for various App Store promotions. Turns out changing the look of the icon even with simple bug fix updates garners substantially increased sales.

App Store preview video

'Science Island' In App Purchase preview

Tinker Town Shiny Things

Tinker Town was our first major foray in 3D at Shiny Things. One of our sticking points with Quick Math Jr. was that it was designed originally as a one-off premium app. The move to freemium, whilst successful, was hindered by a design that didn't scale well. Kids would eat through the content faster than we could create it.

The goal with Tinker Town was to create a town that could facilitate a wide variety of game systems that all hinge on educational concepts.

So rather than a disparate collection of minigames (which is what Quick Math Jr. essentially is), Tinker Town was designed specifically to be grown over time. With each update adding game systems that overlap with others in the town, giving us larger than linear increases in content versus work spent.

MUSIC: Something Elated by Broke For Free

Quick Math series. Shiny Things

Quick Math was the first in a series of apps that use handwriting technology to practice math skills.

We targeted a fairly wide age range, so I opted for a more mature design than kids apps in this area would typically employ. I felt that kids would be engaged by the focus on self improvement in much the same way adults are.

The app was one of Shiny Things' most successful. It attracted a user base of both kids and adults, and saw wide adoption in classrooms.

Following the success of Quick Math I worked on several other apps in the series, each focusing on a different area of math: Quick Math+, Quick Fractions and Quick Clocks.

Wanted Shoes Amblique

This e-commerce website is a sample of the type of work I did while at Amblique.

While maintaining close contact with the client, I would create a design that embodied their vision. Once all page designs were approved, I prepared the assets and specifications to be handed over to the front end development team.

Birdsketball Personal project

Birdsketball is a game about birds playing Basketball

Birdsketball is my latest game. Developed for desktop, targeting Windows, Mac and Linux.

It has been featured on ABC's Good Game along with a profile on me.

Birdsketball on Steam Birdsketball on itch.io

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